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Entry #196

new pozt......

1/21/14 by ljhamm1
Updated 1/21/14

so after looking over a list of fla files i had i found the fla that spacegod uploaded of gibbs sprites. so i decidid to stop bugging gibb and animate with them. so thats what i'm up to right now also these:

awesome song:

other badass video:


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That may be true, but it doesn't make it right.
Just know that I disapprove greatly.

1/22/14 ljhamm1 responds:

Exactly. I get what your saying. And I. don't blame you just know that...... if you don't want to be my friend........ I understand.



Yet to take the hint?
It's not that I'm not giving it to people
It's that I don't people to USE them.

1/21/14 ljhamm1 responds:

Sorry Buddie. I've already started hate me if ya. Want. That's your choice I know how bad it is to do this but if I. Had something you really wanted you would be bound to find a way to get it. Think about that.




1/21/14 ljhamm1 responds: